Meet the speakers...

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Kate Allatt

Following a stroke in 2010, Kate Allatt was able to think and feel , yet left unable to move any part of her body for months. She experienced the condition known as ‘locked in syndrome’. Through self-belief, visualisation and motivation, Kate regained control of her body against medical odds. Kate will share her astonishing story and explain why portable mind reading devices are a life changing technology.

Kate won the title of 'Extraordinary Woman of the Year'  in 2011 and is the author of the internationally published book 'Running Free - Breaking out of locked in syndrome.'


Lewis Bowen

2 million lives are lost each year to air pollution caused by burning fuels indoors across the globe. Lewis Bowen is an award winning young entrepreneur from Sheffield on a mission to solve this tragic problem. His plan is to bring a smokeless and non-toxic fuel to developing countries where pollution and clean fuel are most needed.

Lewis is one of a growing number of entrepreneurs who start a business straight after completing University. He actually launched his company on the same day of his last exam at Sheffield Hallam University!

Lewis is an award winning young entrepreneur. In 2014, he won the BQ National Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year at MADE: The Entrepreneur festival 2014, the UK’s biggest annual festival of entrepreneurship.


Simona Francese

We all know our fingerprints are unique and could be used to identify us. But did you know that they can also reveal our gender, our personality, diet, habits and contact with drugs?

Simona Francese, a senior lecturer in Biomedical Sciences at Sheffield Hallam University, will share how advancements in fingerprint technology can help the police combat crime.

Her innovative research into fingerprint analysis has attracted worldwide media attention, including coverage on The BBC, The Times, and Fox News. Simona is the author of more than 45 peer reviewed publications and has presented her work at conferences in the UK and abroad.


Duncan Swainsbury

There is a food poverty problem in our country, with an estimated one million people using our growing network of Food Banks. Social Entrepreneur, Duncan Swainsbury will present his idea for helping those most in need of emergency food supplies and support.

Duncan is the founder of Bounceback Food, a social enterprise that sells a range of healthy, organic, staple foods on a ‘one for you, one for society’ basis. This means that each time you buy a product from Bounceback Food, the very same item is donated to your local foodbank.

Duncan launched his business with a social purpose after attending a programme run by the School for Social Entrepreneurs.


Liam Rodgers

What is the best idea you have had recently, and more importantly, what are you going to do with it? In this insightful talk, published author Liam Rodgers will share his idea on how to bring more of your best ideas to life. He believes we need to rethink our relationship with our ideas and learn how to live with the discomfort they bring.

Liam is a student at Sheffield Hallam University studying Creative Writing. He is also an author of fiction, plays and the founder of Upscribe - a publishing social enterprise that helps vulnerable and disaffected adults and young people through creative writing workshops.

After running a successful creative writing and publishing project working with homeless adults in Sheffield, Liam was nominated for the Outstanding Contribution to Social Enterprise award.


Jonny Douglas

Jonny Douglas believes we can accelerate positive change by creating the right environment and conditions for breakthrough thinking. He will share his idea of turning a historical building into a live laboratory, where students, scientists, and other people can come to generate ideas with the help and guidance from staff.

Through Jonny Douglas Ltd, he specialises in ‘difference engineering’ for companies, products, projects and people. Jonny is the co-founder of Design in Sheffield (a non–profit that recognises the importance of design work in the Sheffield city region) and Pecha Kucha Sheffield (an organisation that brings together the Creative, Digital and Business communities for evenings packed with inspirational talks, challenging and amusing short videos, live music and unique entertainment.


Steve Judge

In 2002, Doctors told Steve Judge that he may never walk again after suffering terrible injuries to both legs in a near fatal car accident. Through a combination of medical excellence from the NHS (in particular Sheffield Northern General Hospital) and sheer determination, Steve has been able achieve many goals on the rehabilitation journey. Steve pushed himself to stand, walk, run and to become a two times world Paratriathlon champion, an event which includes swimming, cycling and running.

Steve’s deeply inspiring talk follows his journey of rehabilitation and sporting success. He wants us to understand how important it is to not lean on our excuses, but to turn them into inspiring personal challenges.

Steve Judge is an international motivational speaker and shares his powerful story at schools, companies, charities, corporations and sport associations.


Steve Haake

Professor Steve Haake is Director of the Advanced Well-being Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University and is recognised as one of the UK’s top-10 inspirational scientists and engineers. He currently acts as the Director of Research for the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine in Sheffield, which advocates the use of physical activity as medicine, and has the aspiration for Sheffield to be the most active city in the UK by 2020.

Steve was awarded an EPSRC Senior Media Fellowship in 2010 and is now is an EPSRC RISE Leader.